In Plain Sight: Quarks and Conversation Starters


As far as plain and everyday places that we experience every day, wether it’s in your dorm or your apartment, the hallway leading to your residence is certainly something that you don’t tend to pay much attention to. That long stretch of nothin worth paying any attention to that you have to pass through pretty much every day. Sometimes you bump into a friend in the hallway and have a conversation, but when it’s over, it’s not the hallway you remember, it’s the conversation. This is about making the hallway a conversation in its own. 

That’s the start of a long and tedious try at making the hallway a little bit more noticeable. 

Just setting this display up produced quite a few people coming up and asking what the hell I was doing. To which, we started to talk about class and school, and would either move to other art related conversations, or we would nd the conversation there, usually with a “have fun with these wine quarks”. Either way, it was a great conversation starter.

This was also one of those things where you start off thinking “oh, I’ll do this much, and that’ll be good enough”, which quickly turns into loosing track of time and just getting sucked into the groove of setting down quark after quark.

Along with losing track of time, you also atart to loose track of how many quarks there are left. Before you know it, you’ve used all 739 of your precious wine caps. Thankfully, the result was something that elicited a gasp from those you knew as well as from those you didn’t. 

By a stroke of luck, without having counted how many quarks I had before hand, this conversation starter spanned exactly the length of the entire hallway. Stepping back for the first time, it was a unique thing to see. Bland ol’ hallways aren’t exactly where people tend to see anything so wonky and unexpected, especially when it’s made of such a weird material. But That’s the fun thing about it: it’s memorable. 

When people go to the second floor of the uptown dorms, they won’t forget what floor they were on when they see this display of quarks. It’s something to prod the curiosity in everyone, as it is a curious sight to see so many wine quarks arranged in such a way in such a plain place.


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